School Health Programme

Samavedana's School Health Programme at Mulshi, Bhor and Velhe

School Health Programme


To make school-going children healthier, mentally, physically and socially through activity-based health promotion and awareness sessions.

Nurturing the Future Generation

Health aspect in today’s education system only speaks of physical health, especially in India. It also fails to highlight the importance of health promotion. WHO defines ‘health’ as physical, mental and social well-being. Samavedana through its School Health Programme and in coordination with the Public Health Department & Education Department of State Government, Samavedana works for capacity building on areas like nutrition, safety, adolescence and imparting knowledge about general well-being. Samavedana believes that these young minds will shape a bright future for our country.

What We Do:

Medical check-ups
Medical Check-Up camps are organized in schools to identify health barriers to education periodically.
Eye check-ups
Eye check-up camps to identify and treat eye-ailments among school-going children.
Health Education and Awareness
Campaigns to create and promote awareness about overall well-being.
Treatment Facilities
Anemia checkup, developmental delays & eye surgeries for children in need.
Access to Resources
Health libraries, herbal gardens, exercise and sports equipments for involving children to apply what they learn.

Numbers Speak:


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Schools from Mulshi, Bhor and Velhe blocks in Pune reached


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