Individual Donor

'It's not just about donations. It's about making a difference'.

Every small contribution to a cause can bring a huge difference to someone's life. Samavedana’s funding model focuses on Individual Contributions. A number of philanthropic individuals can make a huge impact.

You can donate on any special occasion.

Birthday Donations
Anniversary Donations
Donate in your loved one's memory

Why Donate to Samavedana?

  • We understand the healthcare need of the society and we adapt our programs to satisfy the need
  • Fund utilization report is provided to every donor so that you know where your money is going
  • Fund utilization report is provided to every donor so that you know where your money is being utilized
  • Samavedana has a clear vision to fight the issue, and you can help us to fight together

Donations to Samavedana are tax-deductible under section 80G of IT Act.

Host a Fundraiser

You can inspire and recruit individuals to participate in a fun and rewarding activity for a good cause. By hosting a fundraiser, you can be a part of an amazing collaborative effort to increase awareness and gain support for Samavedana.

All funds raised will help Samavedana to fulfil your chosen mission from our activities.

Donation Boxes

'Great initiatives just require noble intents.'

If you are a college student, a working professional or anyone who wants to collect donations from your community, you can set up Donation Boxes under the name of Samavedana at college, society, shops or counters.

College Donation Boxes
Office Donation Boxes
Society Donation Boxes

Leave Behind a Legacy

Your family and loved ones comes first but we hope that, once you have provided for them, you will also remember Samavedana and the cause we work towards. There are many ways one can make a meaningful gift to a cause close to our hearts. It can either be in the near term or as part of a longer term, through making provision for your beloved cause in your legal will. We will use your gift with the greatest of care. We know you want your gift to make a difference and with Samavedana it will.