Samavedana attempts to bridge the gap between essential healthcare and the deprived. 

Samavedana : Feel Together, Heal Together


Financial aid to patients

Expense for tertiary or specialty care treatment is unreasonable and non-affordable to many families in our society. The overall scenario puts them in a susceptible state. We provide financial aid to deserving patients..

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Women’s Cancer Screening

Knowing about the cancer that affect most of the women and knowing what you can do to prevent them or detect it early helps save their life. This preventive screening focuses on women from 40-60 yrs age-group..

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Health Checkup Camps

There are many villages or packets in rural areas that are deprived of healthcare services. We conduct gynecological health check up camps in such localities. The women are then counseled for healthier lifestyle . .

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Organ Donation Awareness

Despite continuing advancement in medicine and technology, the need for organs and tissue is higher than the number available for transplantation. We promote & create awareness about Skin and Organ Donation . .

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Rs 2.80 Cr

Annual Budget

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Every individual can do their bit by supporting a cause. The contribution can be in terms of money or time. We welcome each one of you to involve yourself in every possible way to take pride in changing someone’s life. Let’s save lives together..



You can nominate your friends, who would be willing to contribute to Samavedana. This contribution can be monetary and/or in terms of resources. To nominate Click Here

Urgent Cause

URGENT HELP : Help Umar, a burn victim

Umar Shaikh, a 5 year old kid from a BPL family in Pune, was playing with his buddies as any child in his age would do. This particular evening wasn’t as fun as always when a can of hot water fell on him while he was indulged in his chorus. The family rushed him to the hospital. The doctors were doing their best to keep the damage to his body to minimum, but it needed money ; a lot of money than Umar’s family could afford.. Samavedana has decided to help Umar and we appeal you to step in!




Whats happening around with Samavedana..

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NGO India 2014

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We Need Your Support

Mulga in pop up donate nowEven today, many patients are deprived of availing proper healthcare facility.Lack of infrastructure, apathy of healthcare professionals, illiteracy etc. are some of the reasons, but financial inability is one of the most important reasons of all.



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