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Our journey began when Dr. Charudatta Apte, one of the most renowned neurosurgeons in the country and his associates founded Pune Neurosciences Trust and Research Society in 1993. Driven by a noble dream of bridging the gap between essential healthcare and the needy, the team formed 'Samavedana' on April 1, 2003. The primary goal was to extend a helping hand to patients family and get society involvement in reducing their financial burden for the treatment.


Samavedana derives its name from two Sanskrit words, 'Samam' and 'Vedana'.

'Samam' means together and 'Vedana' means suffering or pain. We believe if we can feel someone's suffering, we can better share their pain and can be their companion in the walk of life. Samavedana means to totally empathize with someone and to share his pain as if it were our own and act towards easing it.

Samavedana has developed a number of initiatives over the years to provide essential healthcare. Starting from Neurology & Neurosurgery to almost all medical specialities, Samavedana has brought a life saving difference in thousands of patients so far.

Vision and Mission

Samavedana is driven by compassion and a noble vision of bringing healthcare within the reach of the underprivileged.


Samavedana envisages to bring essential healthcare within reach of the underprivileged, with compassion (Samavedana).

By partnering with like-minded organizations, we develop innovative and replicable healthcare models that help many lives in the country.

Our Mission till 2025 is:

Focusing on Treatment, Prevention & Awareness and by developing Innovative, Replicable and Scalable Healthcare models, Samavedana’s mission for the next decade is,

  • To provide monetary aid to the needy for tertiary care, in association with doctors offering pro bono treatment & hospitals offering non-profit services
  • To conduct specialized in-house and out-reach programs for prevention & early detection of cancer in women from rural and slum areas
  • To establish ‘Community Clinics’ to make basic healthcare available & accessible and enhance coverage of health services at a reduced cost by using telemedicine, generic drugs, etc..
  • To spread health education and awareness in the community, especially amongst women, through counseling, health-talks, check-up camps, demonstrations & presentations

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