Women’s Cancer Screening

cancer-iconPreventive Cancer Screening Program


Early detection of disease condition greatly increases the chances for successful treatment.Hence we run community outreach programs like Gynecological Cancer Screening Program and Health Camps, to detect possible warning signs of disease and to take prompt action. By way of prevention, we mainly focus on timely investigations and education to undergo preventive check up for early diagnosis.


Need of Cancer Screening Program

The incidence of cancer in India is rising day by day at a very high pace. Approximately 1 million new cases are diagnosed every year. One of the major reasons behind death of most cancer patients is ‘detection at a very late stage’.When detected early, the cure rate for most of the cancers is over 70-80%. Also the cost for treatment is substantially less.In advanced stage, cure rate drops to less than 20% and the expenses required for the treatment are very high.Cancer screening program aims at detection of cancer before the person has any symptoms. Early detection leads to early treatment, lower death rate, and lower burden on healthcare.

Samavedana Gynaec Onco-Screening Program

The program is run for underprivileged women in the age group of 40 to 60 years to diagnose cancer in early stages and sometimes even in precancerous stages. We mainly focus on prevention of breast and cervical cancers.The tests, check up, counseling and commutation is provided free of charge. If any woman is found to have positive symptoms, she is supported for further investigations and treatment in accordance with Samavedana norms.



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