School Health Programme

health-checkupSchool Health Programme

In accordance with Samavedana’s vision of bringing essential healthcare to the deprived, we are expanding School Health Programme further covering 20 schools and more than 10,000 students.

School health programme in Maharashtra by the state government was started in year 2012. Samavedana as a voluntary organization worked in three schools from Pune district and the results are indicating further need for implementing the school health programme in wider geographical area. The results are discussed further in the part of results, but the outcomes of health checkup and health orientation point towards interventions in wider geographical rural area.

The proposed project aims to work among school children on two fronts; health care provision for the children whose education may be hindered due to disability like cataract or other health related problems and, second, building health capabilities of children.

Nobel laureate Amartya Sen has stressed on developing the capabilities of people for leading their life according to their choice. Applying the concept of capability development for school students health will give a long term benefit when augmented with curative health care services.


To improve the capabilities of school students in the area of health functioning and make arrangements for curative services

Project concept

The school age children are future of any society and if along with school education, health education is provided to them the children can improve their health capabilities. The improved capabilities when augmented with translation of knowledge into action will be fruitful for functional health. The outcome will be different for different students based on the endowments they have and how they utilize them for health. The project will definitely built up capabilities and positive approach towards health functioning.

This is more possible in rural settings as rural communities show more solidarity than the urban communities and the social control is better in rural communities. With this logic Mulshi rural block of Pune district is selected for implementing the project.


  • Baseline survey of selected 21 schools will be undertaken initially to know the status of health care facilities and health environment available for students within school premises and out in the village.
  • Health check-up for school children
  • Anonymous survey for understanding the health and social behavioral patterns of the school children.
  • Health education and training sessions for school children according to age group and education class
  • Health improvement interventions
  • Mid term evaluation
  • Evaluation of the project

The project is being run in 21 schools in Mulshi, Pune covering 7000 students.

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