Organ Donation Awareness


Indian society has been aware of cadaveric Eye Donation for over a decade now. But concept of Skin Donation is new to our society.

Pune’s first and India’s 4th Skin Bank was inaugurated at Surya Hospital on February 13th, 2012 at the hands of Dr. Welsely Bodha, Director, Euro Tissue Bank, Amsterdam.

This skin bank is a joint endeavour of Rotary Club of Khadki, Surya Hospitals Pvt. Ltd, Sahyadri Hospitals and Samavedana. For more details visit –

Samavedana, as one of its social initiatives, is actively involved in creating awareness about Skin and Organ Donations. Zonal Transplant Coordination Committee (ZTCC) supports and guides us in this programme. You can get in touch with us, together we can organize Organ Donation Awareness session for groups in your organization, society, etc.

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