Mobile Clinic

health-checkupMobile Clinic

Samavedana has always tried to reach out to the underprivileged with essential healthcare facility. Mulshi region, the hilly terrain with most of the population residing in backwaters of Mulshi dam, is in the West of Pune. This area is host to a very scattered population. Primary healthcare is one of the basic rights but this region is, in spite of Government’s efforts, is one of the most undeserved pockets.
Public Health Department ran a Tarangta Davakhana (Floating Clinic) to serve the population residing on the shores of the dam. But due to varying water levels the project wasn’t proving to be successful lately.
Samavedana and Public Health Department joined hands to serve these 11 villages, located at the backside of Mulshi dam, with a solution called ‘Mobile Clinic’. This is a medically equipped van with  primary clinic’s infrastructure and provision for Path-Lab and ECG. This Mobile Clinic has made essential primary healthcare available and accessible to the population of 11 villages.

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