Financial Aid to Patients


Financial-Aid Programme


To provide monetary aid to the needy for tertiary care, in association with doctors offering pro bono treatment & hospitals offering non-profit services.

Financial Aid for Treatment

Tertiary or Specialty care is not readily available in public hospitals and usually demands expenses that many families cannot afford. In India, more than 6 Crore families live below the poverty line. A recent study suggested that almost 22.4 crore individuals in the country fall below the poverty line. Samavedana supports such patients and families: Individuals who can lead a long active life post the treatment and be an asset to their family and society.

What We Do:

Aid for quality treatment for the needy is provided at all Sahyadri Hospitals.
Free Medical Consultations
All the Doctors at Sahyadri Hospitals provide free medical consultations and perform free surgeries to the needy.
Subsidized Specialty Treatment
Sahyadri Hospitals provide Specialty Treatments at subsidized rates using collected funds.
Thorough Scrutiny
Thorough scrutiny of the cases is done based on socio-economic medical criteria.
Speedy Sanctions
Rapid Sanctions are provided after the case of a patient reviewed.

Numbers Speak:


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Years in service, since 2003

'Little Hearts' Program

Each year, 20 lakh children are born with major defects in their hearts or spine. Many of them die due to knowledge, access ,expenses, non-availability of proper healthcare. Samavedana tries to reach out to these little angels and save their precious lives.

As an extension of the Financial Aid Program, Samavedana took up ‘treatment of children with congenital defects’ as its mission in November 2018.

What We Do:

Surgical Care
Surgery treatment is provided to children born with congenital defects of hearts, spine or blood.
Complementing Government Initiatives
Run initiatives to complement the State Government’s ‘Mission Muskaan' and treat children.

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Surgeries in just a period of 8 months


Worth of help provided since November 2018