Vision Mission


To bring essential healthcare within the reach of the underprivileged; with Compassion (Samavedana).


By partnering with like-minded organizations, and developing innovative & replicable healthcare models,  Samavedana’s mission till 2025 is

  • To provide monetary aid to the Needy for tertiary care treatment, by associating with philanthropic Doctors waiving off their fees and the Hospitals providing service at cost.
  • To run in-house and out-reach programs for prevention & early detection of Cancer in the Women of rural and slum areas
  • To run modern and technology backed “Family Physician’s Clinics”, to take care of the health of entire family at the subsidized rates using new developments like telemedicine and generic medicine.
  • To spread Health education and awareness in the disadvantaged, especially women, through counseling, health-talks, check-up camps, , demonstrations & presentations.

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