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Samavedana bridges the gap between needy and the healthcare. We continuously thrive to come up with innovative models to empathize& satisfy the healthcare requirements. We mainly work on 3 fronts namely Treatment, Prevention and Awareness.

Samavedana Health Center: A one-stop clinic which will cater to urban poor population. It will act as a platform for us to educate and aware this population about right healthcare.

Rationale: Urban area is considerably saturated by medical professionals. However, the quality of the service, the scope of service provided is very poor. Further, the costs (direct and indirect) involved are high. Patients, who do not afford this, choose not to visit the doctor, unless and until, the illness increases.

Further the patient is not educated – particularly on medical aspects, so he hardly understands the ‘Right’ decision regarding his own health is concerned. He is also a victim of malpractices, unethical practices, and hoax.

 Solution: Samavedana has come up with a systematic approach and has developed a model. clinic scenarioA clinic – A mega clinic – with basic diagnostics and facilities, that reduces the out of pocket expenses substantially of a patient – without compromising on the quality. The clinic caters its services to the urban poor population. It will also educate them on healthcare issues. 

It will further be a center, linked with telemedicine as well, where comprehensive healthcare will be provided. We will serve the vicinity with the help of Mobile Health Unit in coming days.

Project Description:


  1. To make good quality primary healthcare available cheaper for community
  2. To create a platform for starting community healthcare projects like health education and awareness.
  3. To establish ethical medical care

This will not just include low-cost treatments but also the proper guidance towards healthier lifestyle. The patient will be given knowledge about the disease and its best possible treatments that suits budget as well as better prognosis. Our beneficiaries will be advocates for healthier society.
Beneficiary profile:

  • Socio-economic: Focus will be on people from low and weak economic class mainly, however

it will be an attractive option for all

  • Medical: Who need primary healthcare, diagnostic services, counseling and guidance

The beginning: 

The first phase of the clinic will have an OPD room and space for receptionist, pharmacist and a nurse along with one doctor. It will also be equipped with telemedicine, through which patient can be directly consulted by a specialist doctor sitting at multispecialty hospitals.

We have identified the area of Upper Indira Nagar, Bibvewadi for the pioneering clinic. The clinic was inaugurated on 12th February in the presence of Pune’s Guardian Minister Hon. Girishji Bapat.

Upper Indira Nagar is a home to about 40,000 population. Most of the parts are ‘vasti’ with highly dense population, migrated from different parts of Maharashtra and Rajasthan mainly.

We understand that change cannot be brought in the society with just one clinic. We want to create a long lasting impact with effective approach.

Upcoming Clinic:

Samavedana Clinic at Yerawada:

To obtain an impact on a city as a whole, just one clinic is not enough. We aim to come up with more clinics in different zones of Pune, populated with non-affording and deprived population. Just like Upper Indiranagar, Yerawada vicinity on Nagar Road is densely populated with low income earners. The most of population is migrated who come to Pune looking for livelihood opportunities. Most of them end up doing labour work. The work lifestyle brings a set of ill effects to their health. Also the hygiene and diet practices makes a huge impact on their health.

The healthcare servers in the vicinity are either unaffordable or less accessible. Samavedana is determined to intervene in this space with low cost, high quality complete primary healthcare solution. The clinic set up to deal with healthcare issues will be a Community Healthcare Center for the area.

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