Be an advocate

Make a difference by helping us continue saving lives!

Why you should support Samavedana?

You dont have time to voluntarily help Samavedana? You can still help us by spreading a word about Samavedana.

You can chose either of the media to talk about Samavedana, from Facebook to social gatherings to interactions with your friend or colleague.

What good will it bring out for anybody?

This can help a needy reach us if they hear about us from your or your connection. The same medium can connect us with a willing volunteer or donor.

Do share about us on Social Media. You can talk about us to a deserving beneficiary or a potential contributor. Your help in anyway in welcome and appreciated.

What can you do?

  • You can speak to your friends, family and colleagues to create awareness about Samavedana.
  • You can discuss with your friends and family on how you can contribute by volunteering, holding exhibitions to create awareness or
    fund raising drives, or simply by making a donation.
  • You can organize an in-house campaign in your company to involve your colleagues or the management to contribute time, money or skills.
  • Provide platform to us to present our activities.

If you need any assistance or promotional material, please write us at or call our office

When You become Advocate For Samavedana,

you can :

  • Make a meaningful difference in our community
  • Give emotional support to patients and their family
  • Help our office staff in data management
  • Help us spread a word about Samavedana
  • Write articles about Samavedana
  • Use your technical skills for organizational development.

You can nominate your friends, who would be willing to contribute to Samavedana. This contribution can be monetary and/or in terms of resources. To nominate Click Here

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