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Dr. Charudatta Apte, a renowned neurosurgeon and his associates have helped hundreds of poor patients since 1993, through ‘Pune Neurosciences Trust and Research Society’, by providing high quality medical care at extremely low cost or, on occasions, absolutely free of cost.

To expand the scale and scope of this mission and to get the involvement and participation of society at large ‘Samavedana’ was formed on April 1, 2003.

Samavedana bridges the gap between needy and the healthcare. We continuously thrive to come up with innovative models to empathize & satisfy the healthcare requirements. We mainly work on 3 fronts namely Treatment, Prevention and Awareness.

Samavedana derives its name from two Sanskrit words, ‘Samam’ which means along with or together and ‘Vedana’ means suffering or pain. Samavedana means to totally empathize with the needy and to share his pain as if it were our own and to be their companion.

Since inception, Samavedana has helped hundreds of patients and saved their lives. Starting with neurology and neurosurgery, Samavedana help is now available for almost all medical specialities.

Samavedana help is available at all branches of Sahyadri Hospitals. In the cases selected for help, doctors perform surgeries free of charge and Sahaydri Hospital offers a special discount on hospital charges.

In recent years, Samavedana has spread its wings by initiating ‘Community Outreach Programs’ like Preventive Cancer Screening Program and Health Camps. Samavedana, as one of its social initiatives, is involved in creating awareness about Skin Donation.


May 6

School Health Programme

School Health Programme started in Mulshi block of Pune district covering 21 school students. The programme aims at capability building of students to stay healthy.

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